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Well, the software comes for free to you, and you can even earn from it. Yes, you do not pay anything for the software, its server or its updates. You only pay for the number of student users, with a minimum commitment of 100 students, per year. You can 1 admin login, and unlimited teacher logins. Moreover, you can seamlessly integrate it with your existing site, by just uploading an html page. In case you do not have a website, or want to build a separate one for this, we can help too.
You only need to buy a minimum of 10 student accounts to make the system operational.

Discounts on the price becomes effective once more than 1,000 user accounts are purchased. For details, contact us. As an introductory offer to educational institutions, we are giving a free trial for 1 month. Moreover, you are free to levy additional charges on your students and make a surplus and use the funds to further your cause. Please note this is a limited time offer. To try it free, just click on Demo button below.

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Unlock the true potential of your teachers and students, prepare your students with modern teaching methods to a great future. Signing up is easy. Just click on signup and fill up the form, decide on the required number of students (you can always add later), and make the deposit.

Shoot us an email at and we will set up your account up and running within 3 working days. Have questions?
Just use the feedback form below, to mail us your queries. Waiting to see you abroad!

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